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CGminer was originally an open source CPU miner program that anyone could run. With the introduction of GPU mining at the end of 2010, we began to see some open source parts of the mine disappearing. Each GPU variant has a special part of the GPU kernel under development, and only some of them are immediately open source. The entire community can't use anything that's available.

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mine dogecoin with xmr gpu miner, XMR - Stak Miner - Step by Step Setup Guide | Beginner's Guide

Bitmain has recently released an ant miner X3 that is compatible with the Cryptonight algorithm currently used by XMR, and has promised to sell one in limited quantities at a discount of $3,000 per existing miner, according to Bitcoin. But Biteland was caught up in a dispute with the XMR (Monroe Coin) community. The XMR community generally believes that Bethany knew that XMR was about to use hard forks against the Cryptonight algorithm, and that the X3 would not be used for long. There have also been accusations that the XMR mining on the Biteland X3 mine has been going on for months, and that seeing the X3 become useless to miners before it is launched is a "horse-back gun" act. As a result, XMR's Reddit community has set up bulletin boards to warn miners not to buy X3 mines. XMR is now trading at $202.05, up 6.82%

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Lorena: Litecoin, hay una criptomoneda que est?muy presente ac?, por lo menos en la comunidad, que se llama Decred, ?no s?si la conocen? Ellos est?n muy presentes en Bitcoin Embassy Bar y pues hacen mucha promoci?n de su criptomoneda. Bueno, me piden mucho Ethereum, o sea, me piden mucho que los acepte, pero no quiero, no me gusta.

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