dogecoin wallet this payment should be spendable in a few minutes, doge min

Wallets can only be a payment tool, for example, if a user wants to play a game, they need to open a wallet first, which is logically unsustable. The correct logic should be for the user to play the game, perhaps as a client, or in other ways, to call the wallet when payment is needed, when the wallet functions like Alipay. On the other hand, he admits, "It's normal for this to happen early in the industry."

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how to open wallet file dogecoin, dogecoin dogecoin

A: The wallet here is collectively referred to as the wallet file, that is, the .db3 file, the client refers to the application software running the node. Immediately after you create your wallet file (if you need to import your private key back up after import), copy and paste the .db3 file to the cloud, USB stick, phone, and so on.

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