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Boycotting ASIC mining machines may not be sustainable in the long run, and while there are many problems with deploying ASIC mining machines on cryptocurrencies networks, even so, it is at least better than trying to resist ASIC miners in the end. So what's wrong with deploying ASIC mine opportunities within a cryptocurrencies network? ASIC mining machines actually combine miner incentives with specific projects, and if a miner has a lot of ASIC miners with SHA-256 crypto algorithms, they can only choose to mine bitcoin or Bitcoin cash as cryptocurrencies, but if the network is successfully attacked it will cause the price to collapse, at which point the ASIC miners themselves will become useless and the value of the cryptocurrencies they dig will be greatly reduced.

In theory, Grin's Cuck(AT) oo31 plus algorithm was prepared for the ASIC miner from the start, so if there were an ASIC miner for the Cuck (AT) oo algorithm in the first place, it could be used immediately. Just in the beginning, the algorithm that resisted ASIC allocated a smaller percentage of blocks (10% started)

What if the government simply decided to invest billions of dollars in data centers and secretly design ASIC to run the system? Can any miner compete?

ASIC miner (garage coffee)

ASIC miner (garage coffee)

In fact, Ethash has a very good anti-ASIC property, otherwise the ASIC miner would have appeared in Ethereum earlier. So even with ASICs in the future, it's hard for them to be so computational that they can monopolize the network.

Therefore, when ASIC miners such as the powerful ant miner S9 entered the market, the profitability of traditional GPU miners was affected by the innation of ASIC chips in computing SHA256 algorithms.

Mining costs: ASIC miner prices are still falling, with graphics prices falling by an average of 8%

On January 18, ASIC miner Maker Obelisk officially said it had launched an ASIC mining system specifically for Grin and was currently in the pre-sale phase of vouchers (January 17-February 1), with full machine sales expected to begin in March, at $6,000 each, with official shipments in October. The $6000 ASIC mine is clearly not affordable for the average retail investor.

Founded in 2013, the team invented China's first ASIC Bitcoin miner, Avalon, which now holds 19.5% of Bitcoin's total computing power

What is an ASIC miner?

What is an ASIC miner?

Block Rhythm BlockBeats has reported that Grin will release the latest PoW algorithm, Cuckaroom, which smooths the transition from GPU mining to ASIC mining. In a secondary algorithm, there is a guaranteed reward so that the GPU miner does not have to compete with the ASIC miner. At the same time, Grin will perform a second round of hard forks around January 15, 2020, when the adoption rate of the old algorithm Cuckoo will be gradually reduced.

Referring to Avalon, the world's first ASIC miner, it is pumpkin Zhang, the godfather of the mine, that can't be bypassed.

August 21st, Twitter user BTCKING555 tweeted a recent business plan provided to investors by Bitcoin mining company Layer1, in which former Jianan co-founder Liu Xiangfu served as "head of the supply chain" and introduced the world's first Bitcoin ASIC miner for the second-largest cryptocurrencies miner, Jianan, who developed the world's first Bitcoin ASIC mine in 2013.

Assuming that an ordinary miner digs using the latest ant miner S17 (7nm ASIC embedded in TSMC), bitcoin's break-even point price will be around $5,200. The assumed payback period is 1.5 years and will be halved on June 20.

Roast Cat is also in an unprecedented crisis, with Bitfury, an ASIC Bitcoin miner chip development team from Russia, successfully developing a fully customized mining chip.

Bitcoin ASIC miner maker Bit Micro recently released a new series of miners, the M30S Plus, with an arithmetic force of 100 (TH/s). The release of the product also shows that competition among major ASIC miners is intensifying following the start of pre-sale of the Ant-Mine S19 series.

According to Asic Miner Value, Canaan has only Avalon mining machines, leading the way in profitability over the mainland.

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